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Creative Smallplots

May 31, 2014
Creative Smallplots
  • Creative Smallplots

    Gamemode (default):
    Plot Size: 25x25x256
    Claimable Plots: 2 for Outsider, 3 for Citizen, 4 for VIP, 6 for Patron, 8 for Elite, 10 for Legend, Unlimited for Master and Custom. Additionally, players who purchase the Unlimited Plots perk, or win an official Building Contest are able to claim Unlimited Plots.
    Access: Everyone
    Compass Symbol: Bedrock


    Creative Smallplots is a world where citizens and up are able to use some basic WorldEdit commands for free, such as //wand, //set, and //replace. To become a citizen, do /citizen in-game.


    To be edited.

    Special Features

    /plotme auto - Claim the nearest available plot.
    /plotme claim - Claim the plot you are standing on (if available).
    /plotme add <player> - Add a player to the plot you are standing on.
    /plotme remove <player> - Remove a player from the plot you are standing on.
    /plotme deny <player> - Disallow a player from entering your plot.
    /plotme info - Displays information about the plot you are standing on.
    /plotme tp <ID> - Teleport to a specific plot.
    /plotme biome - Change the biome of your plot.
    /plotme biomelist - View a list of available plot biomes.
    //wand - Gives the wand for WorldEdit.
    //set - WorldEdit command for making a selected area into a particular block.
    //replace - WorldEdit command for replacing one block type with another block type.

    Notable Warps
    /warp sp - Teleports you to the Creative Smallplots spawn.

    Coming soon.