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Perk Activations

Jan 24, 2015
Perk Activations
  • Perk Activations
    Perk activations are our solution to making the server fun for the players and giving us the money to run the server which is allowed by the EULA (End User License Agreement) by Mojang. For those that do not know, the EULA states that servers may not make money using "game changing" Perks. These Perks include stuff that allows you to "cheat" or give you an advantage in the game. This includes permissions from WorldEdit to our Donor Flatgrass world.

    How Perk Activations work:
    Perk activations are very simple. Simply, a player donates for a "perk" and all the players that come online get the perk for the time given. Once the time runs out, the players lose access to the perk. The only players which are excluded from this are the [Unranked]'s. For [Unranked]'s to participate, they must become a Citizen (doing /citizen in-game).