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One in the Chamber Minigame

Jun 8, 2014
One in the Chamber Minigame
  • One in the Chamber/One in the Quiver

    Gamemode (default):
    Access: Everyone
    Compass Symbol: Arrow

    Like PVPing against friends? If your answer is yes, then you should love One in the Chamber/Quiver. This is a game where you and your friends are trapped in an arena and you PVP to the death. Your bow is a super bow which means that it is a one shot kill and you have your fierce Iron Sword to slaughter your opponents with.


    Special Features
    • .

    /oitq join - Joins a game of One in the Quiver

    Notable Warps
    /warp OITQ - Teleports you to our One in the Chamber spawn

    Coming soon.