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Mob Arena Minigame

Jun 8, 2014
Mob Arena Minigame
  • Mob Arena

    Gamemode (default): Survival
    Access: Everyone
    Compass Symbol: Creeper Head

    Like fighting mobs? If so, our Mob Arena is a good place for you to hang out and team up with friends to play against the mobs of Minecraft! Our levels get more challenging as you go through and you can earn stuff to use (right now the stuff is pointless).


    Special Features
    • .

    /ma j a1 - Joins a game of Mob Arena
    /ma leave - Leaves a game of Mob Arena
    /ma spectate - Spectates the current game of Mob Arena

    Notable Warps

    /warp ma - Teleports you to the Mob Arena spawn

    Coming soon.