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Survival Faction World (PvP)

May 31, 2014
Survival Faction World (PvP)
  • Faction World

    Difficulty: Normal
    PvP Enabled: Yes
    Cheats Allowed: No
    Compass Symbol: Diamond Sword

    Faction World is a pure-survival, PvP enabled world in Ioncraft. In this world, special donor abilities, such as flying or spawning items, are disabled. All players are essentially equal in this world to allow for a better, pure-survival experience. VIPs and up may start their own Faction, or a group of players working together to survive. Factions can raid others for resources and power.

    To be edited.

    Special Features
    • EggCatcher: (Information)
    • McMMO
    • EpicQuest
    • Economy
    • FloAuction
    • SmartArrows
    • TrophyHeads
    • Needs editing

    /f create - Create a new faction
    /f home - Teleports you to your faction home
    /f invite - Invites a member to your faction
    /f disband - Deletes the current faction you are apart of
    /f promote - Promotes a player in your faction
    /f warp - Teleports you to a faction warp

    Notable Warps
    /warp fw - Teleport to the Faction World spawn.
    /warp market - Teleport to the Faction World Marketplace.

    Coming soon.