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Jan 24, 2015
  • Custom Rank
    Price: $80 USD

    Permissions: Our custom rank has all of the available Perks available to Donators! A list of Perks can be found here: http://www.ioncraft.org/wiki/ranks/

    Prefix: With our Custom rank, you create what you would like to be called! We have a few limits though. You are not allowed to use &c (Admin Color) or &a (Moderator Color) for safety of impersonation. We also limit the use of Admin, Moderator, Owner, Staff or other names related to our Ioncraft Staff. Ioncraft Administration reserves the right to change your right at any time.

    Color: Your color of your chat is based off your prefix. The color of your prefix is also your chat color so when you are choosing your color, think about how chat would look!